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Tom Tugendhat MP

Working for Tonbridge and Malling

 a note from Tom...

This a place for me to share with you the work that I've been doing, both in our community and in Parliament.

Tonbridge and Malling is a beautiful part of Kent, rich in history and natural beauty, and I am incredibly proud to represent the people who live here.   

As your MP, I have fought for you on issues that affect our community, including reducing aircraft noise, improving our train services, and boosting broadband and mobile phone signal in rural areas.

In Parliament, my role is to represent you and your views. As a Conservative, I work with the government to raise issues that matter to us, in Tonbridge and Malling, and since July 2017, I was elected by Parliament to chair the Foreign Affairs Committee. 

I value the fact that I am able to have an open conversation with my constituents, so please do reach out and contact me if you have any questions or issues that you’d like my assistance with. I am always here to help you.


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What's happening in Tonbridge and Malling?

Handing in Baby tony hudgell petition

After spending some time chatting to the incredible Paula and Tony last night, I went into the Chamber and handed the 12,000 signatures they have collected to Parliament. You can watch the video below to see what I said.

potholes on a21 bridge

20190121 - Letter from Highways England re. A21 potholes.jpg

Over the past few months many drivers have noticed the significant potholes which have been developing very quickly on the A21 bridge over the River Medway, by the Leigh Flood Storage Area. I’ve raised this with Highways England, and thought you’d be interested in their response.

Handing in ryarsh petition

It’s almost unprecedented to have around 3,500 residents unite against a proposal which would significantly affect the community. I’m pleased that so many people made their views heard, and am grateful to everyone who helped achieve signatures.



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