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Frequently Asked


What responsibilities does an MP have?

As a Member of Parliament, my primary responsibility is representing the interests of the people in Tonbridge and Malling. In Parliament, an MP’s role is to create policy that best serves the British people. To that end, we debate, scrutinise and vote on proposed legislation.

An MP can also help resolve personal issues that a resident may face. Please note, that in some cases, legal proceedings will be the most appropriate way to take a case forward. As an MP, I am not in a position to provide legal assistance.  I will, however, try to support you as far as I can and if I can't help I will provide a full explanation as to why I cannot take your case forward.

I don't live in Tonbridge and Malling, can I still write to you?

If you do not live in the Tonbridge and Malling constituency, you are still welcome to write to me, but due to parliamentary protocol I am unable to act on your behalf, and will therefore pass your concerns on to the relevant Member of Parliament.

What's the difference between an MP and a councillor?

District and Borough councillors represent local Government in either Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council or Sevenoaks District Council. These Councils are responsible for local services, including planningcouncil housing, and rubbish collection, among other things. 

County Councillors represent local areas on a higher level at Kent County Council. The County Council is responsible for local services, including educationsocial servicestransportroads (except trunk roads and motorways), public rights of way, and libraries.

It is often best to approach a councillor first, as they are likely to be able to help you with any problems. 

Why have a surgery appointment?

If you are a resident of Tonbridge and Malling, you might like to meet with me to discuss your problems or thoughts in confidence. You are free to raise any subject on your mind – people come to an MP’s surgery for all manner of reasons. These range from simply wanting to put a point across, to a serious problem, requiring the input of the Member of Parliament if all other avenues have failed.

When is a surgery appointment required?

You are welcome to book an appointment at any time, however I do ask that you me know through a letter or email what you would like to discuss in advance. In some cases, I can write on your behalf, and often get a problem quickly resolved without a surgery being required.

How do I book a surgery?

Please visit the surgeries page of this website and complete the form at the bottom. Alternatively, please email tom.tugendhat.mp@parliament.uk, or write to me at 130 Vale Road, Tonbridge, Kent, TN9 1SP.

My office will advise you of the best time to come along, and offer you the next available appointment. Please note that these are often booked weeks in advance, but cancellations do occur, so it is worth contacting me to check should you need a last minute appointment.

Where are surgeries held?

In order to make surgeries as convenient as possible for residents, I hold them around the constituency. For more information, please see the surgeries page above for more information. 

Where is the constituency? 

If you are unsure whether you are a constituent, please follow the link below. 

The constituency of Tonbridge and Malling includes: Borough Green and Long Mill, Cage Green, Castle, Downs and Mereworth, East Malling, Hadlow and East Peckham, Higham, Hildenborough, Judd, Kings Hill, Medway, Trench, Vauxhall, Wateringbury, West Malling and Leybourne, and Wrotham, Ightham and Stansted in the Borough of Tonbridge and Malling and Cowden and Hever, Edenbridge North and East, Edenbridge South and West, Leigh, and Chiddingstone Causeway, and Penshurst, Fordcombe and Chiddingstone in the Sevenoaks District.

How can I donate to the Conservative Party?

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If you have any further questions please email me at tom.tugendhat.mp@parliament.uk