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sgn high street roadworks

august 2019

3 September

**Update - Kent County Council have revoked the permit for SGN to close the A227 outside Tonbridge School from next week until 22 November due to a “substantial failure to engage in communication” over the works.

I am extremely pleased that they have done this. As you will see below, along with Leader of Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council, Nicolas Heslop, and Tonbridge’s Kent County Councillors Richard Long and Michael Payne, we asked SGN to postpone the works for this reason. 

Though the works will have to be done at some point, coming off the back of the works to the Bus Stop, it would have left the High Street closed for the best part of 5 months.

SGN have indicated that they will attend the Tonbridge Forum next Monday as the works will have to be done at some point, and will no doubt explain more there.**

Letter to SGN

Proposed Diversion Route

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