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End Destination of Plastics Collected Kerbside - August 2019

Dear Tom

Thank you for your letter dated 28 June concerning the end destination of plastics collected kerbside by Waste Collection Authorities and disposed of by Kent County Council Waste Management.

Viridor Waste Management Ltd process plastics collected from six Waste Collection Authorities including Sevenoaks District Council.

Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council previously made their own arrangements for the disposal of plastics. I refer you to their website regarding their new recycling collections. The disposal of their new kerbside collections of recyclables will become the responsibility of Kent County Council Waste Management.

Kent County Council Waste Management works closely with our providers to ensure that the materials that they process on behalf of the Council, under our contracts, are handled by responsible and ethical companies.

Under our current contract with Viridor Waste Management Ltd, the recyclables delivered by Kent County Council are processed at Crayford MRF using a variety of technologies, mechanical, manual and technological. Such processing ensures that Viridor recovers and produces materials that meet the European and Global regulations for their onward reprocessing. Viridor operate a comprehensive and robust material quality process, taking all measures possible to ensure that the highest quality leaves site.

Once baled products are ready to be shipped, they are inspected on site by both Viridor staff and regularly by representatives of the end customers. Guidance for the Importing and Exporting of Waste is published by the UK Government and the rules governing how you can ship waste into or out of the UK are adhered to by Viridor Ltd. Further, the UK Environment Agency have the right to inspect materials on site, open containers at ports of exit and stop any vehicles on UK roads to ensure material quality compliance. Where any material is sent abroad, Viridor only works with Environment Agency accredited and licensed facilities. Viridor's Senior Commercial team visit the end destinations and are committed to the highest standards of business and ethical conduct. They have processes in place to ensure they do not run the risk of having any material rejected and have a robust system of traceability regarding its supply chain and receives accreditation from the companies it works with, demonstrating reprocessing has taken place.

Viridor recently announced a £65m investment in what will be the UK's biggest multi-polymer reprocessing plant. Co-located at the £252m Avonmouth Resource Recovery Centre, this plastics plant will produce 60KTPA of recycled plastic a year. The new plant will complement Viridor's existing UK network of materials recycling facilities and specialist plastic and recycling plants at Rochester and Skelmersdale.

Please see the link below to see what happens to the recyclate when it arrives at the Materials Recycling Facility: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8DAk8m7sVM4

Yours ever

Mike Whiting

Member for Swale West
Cabinet Member for Planning, Highways, Transport and Waste
Kent County Council

Georgie Welford