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I receive hundreds of campaign emails a day, and therefore do not have time to reply to each individually. I will regularly post responses to campaign emails that I receive. 

The issues below are topics which I have often received many emails and letters from with regards to third-party campaigns. I will post my thoughts online, so please see my views below. 


No Fault Divorce - July 2019

Thank you very much for your e-mail. Marriage is one of the most important institutions we have – the principles of long term commitment and responsibility bind our society together and make it stronger. Consequently, Government should encourage people to get married.

The end of any marriage is clearly a sad and painful time for all involved. Therefore, it is not right that the law allows or exacerbates additional conflict between divorcing couples. This is the reason that the present Government are looking at this change.

While I understand its reason for doing so, as in some instances couples do not have an incentive to blame the other for the breakdown of the marriage, I do have my concerns about any steps which would make divorce easier. The responsibility of marriage should not be taken lightly and I am keen that, if reform is made, it gives people sufficient time to consider the implications of their decision, and reconcile if possible. Future arrangements, especially where children are involved, is not an easy matter to establish too and often requires time as well.

As you can see I have my concerns about this reform and think that, if this is progressed, suitable measures need to be put in place to protect the institution of marriage.

Georgie Welford