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I receive hundreds of campaign emails a day, and therefore do not have time to reply to each individually. I will regularly post responses to campaign emails that I receive. 

The issues below are topics which I have often received many emails and letters from with regards to third-party campaigns. I will post my thoughts online, so please see my views below. 


Article 50 - June 2017

The outcome of the referendum on the 23 June was clear and the UK will be leaving the EU. As you know the Conservative Party in Parliament was itself spilt on the issue, with Cabinet ministers campaigning on both sides. However, the public's view will be respected and Article 50 will be triggered in March 2017.

The Government will respect the decision of the Supreme Court. Even if a parliamentary vote is required to trigger Article 50, following the vote on 7 December, it is clear that the majority of MPs will not seek to prevent this from happening. 

I support the Government's timetable for exiting the EU and I have voted to trigger Article 50.

Georgie Welford