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KM Column - Current Situation in Parliament - 12 September 2019

It’s been an extraordinary week in Parliament and the last few weeks have been a whirlwind. I’ve been clear that I think now, with all that is going on in our country, Parliament should be sitting to keep questioning the government on its preparations for the biggest changes to our country in 50 years. It’s wrong of the Government to try to close down debate and sends a very poor message around the world.

That’s why I have been using the time we have to ask questions – are we ready? Our county needs a lot of help if we are to get through the next few months. We need the ports to work smoothly, the roads to be clear, the hospitals and pharmacies to be stocked and every business to know what they need to do to continue trading as before. This isn’t a small task and the government must play its part.

Open or not, the Government won’t stop me asking questions for our community and county. Kent deserves the best support and our country deserves the best preparations. 

But we need to get on with this. It’s three years since the referendum and the team who ran Vote Leave control all the levers of power. They must fulfil their promises and not blame others if they can’t. This is their plan and they must deliver it.

That’s why I’m holding them to the promise of an agreement. They said it would be the easiest in the world. Well, let’s sign it then. They said there would be no disruption, great, let’s see the plans. I’m ready to do what I can to help them deliver on the promises they made.

We don’t need more time, the choices are clear. That’s why I tried to change the new law to just put a deal to Parliament so we can fulfil the promise of Vote Leave and get a deal. It didn’t pass but I’ll keep trying to get the right answer for our country.

If MPs can’t decide what they want, not just what they're against, we need a General Election. The issues we now face are more than just our relationship with Europe so I think you need to have a choice – who do you want to represent you? Your voice matters and I want to hear your views.


Georgie Welford