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KM Column - Kings Hill Bus - 6 May 2019

We know how hard it is to get around by bus in our community. Too infrequent, late and crowded are complaints I hear too often. But we need public transport. Old or young we need to get around. That’s why I’m working to sort this out. The changes we need haven’t happened nearly fast enough, but change is coming and we’re getting there.

But we need to do more. That’s why I joined parents on Kings Hill to see what we can do together. Already Kent County Council have decided to review whether they have the enough services to deal with the number of people who want to travel from Kings Hill. The 57X from Kings Hill to Invicta Grammar and the 205 to Tonbridge via Mascalls are popular buses, but there are also many more that are currently way over their capacity and need to be reviewed.

But we need to prove this to Kent County Council and persuade them to increase the frequency and size of these buses, allowing more children to travel to school without worrying they’ll be late or not fit onto the bus.

The consultation will open sometime this month with the results coming back to us quickly, so Kent County Council can make any necessary changes before schools start again in September. If you or your children are affected by the overcrowding on buses, it is important that you respond to this consultation. Once it has been released I’ll put links on my website and Facebook page. If you have any questions, please do let me know by emailing tom.tugendhat.mp@parliament.uk

Georgie Welford