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KM Column - Country's Leadership - 30 May 2019

Our country is on the cusp of a fantastic future. Our hardworking, innovative, imaginative people are inventing, learning, teaching and making a better future not just for ourselves but the world. Creations like graphene - a material thinner than hair and stronger than steel - was developed in Manchester while here at home East Malling Research transforms agriculture. The UK’s high tech solutions are changing lives. 

But to get there, we need the right leader. Sadly, Theresa May was unable to get there. She tried to get an agreement through Parliament, and demonstrate a devotion to duty that was truly impressive, but ultimately, she just couldn’t do it. That’s why last week I called for her to resign as Prime Minister.

Now, we need to look to the future and choose someone who can lead our country through this complex time. We need a leader who can deliver and govern our country so that our health service and education all improve. We need world class apprentices and state of the art hospitals. Only by being ready for the changes that we’re going through will we get the best partnerships in Europe and around the world.

We need someone ready to lead. Ready to deliver, and proven to be capable. That’s how we will deliver on the promise the British people have shown.

Georgie Welford