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KM Column - Council Elections - 16 May 2019

A few weeks have now passed since the local Borough and District Council Elections and I hope that’s given a chance for your Councillors to settle into their roles. Whether they’re returning or newly elected times change and this is a new mandate.

I know from personal experience, both recently and from my own campaigns in 2015 and 2017, that campaigning for an election is never easy. It takes time, effort, dedication and hard-work. It often means giving up evenings and weekends to get out and talk to people, sometimes in the rain, and sometimes to people who may not want to talk to you. And even after all of that, there’s no guarantee that you will be elected. All the candidates who stood for election, not just here, but throughout our local area, should be proud that they played their part in enabling people to have a democratic choice, whether they won or lost. After all, everyone who stood for election did so because they want to help other people, because they want to make a difference.

But sadly, just because you vote for someone, doesn’t mean they will win. With so many brilliant candidates, it can often be close. And just because the person you voted for wasn’t elected, it doesn’t mean your vote doesn’t count - it all shapes the way we see each other and the issues. By raising your voice you highlighted what matters to you and that is important. Without that, this democracy wouldn’t work.

So, please make sure that you vote in the upcoming European Elections too. Even though I know for many it may be difficult when so many of us wished this were not necessary, but we need to show what we support.That’s why I’ll be voting for a swift, orderly, amicable and economically liberal policy that helps shape the future we all want to see. 

Georgie Welford