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KM Column - Kings Hill - Tonbridge Buses - 25 April 2019

In October last year I ran a survey about school buses between Kings Hill and Tonbridge. After receiving lots of complaints from concerned parents regarding the poor service I wanted to know whether another service was required. After all, the direct buses to Maidstone had been so successful, it was important that the service to Tonbridge be improved too.

I was delighted to receive such an overwhelming response to the survey, with hundreds clearly highlighting that this was a huge problem that needed addressing. After carefully looking through them I shared the results I received with the Council and local bus operators to show that there was strong demand for this service. Thanks to the huge effort of a group of parents campaigning we have succeeded in making our voices heard.

So I am pleased to say that the 205 bus began running on Tuesday 23 April, providing a direct link for students from Kings Hill to Tonbridge. While it will not be using the A26, it will make a huge difference to travel times, potentially cutting off as much as 30 minutes. The journey will begin at 0725 from Asda Kings Hill, before travelling via Mascalls to Judd School for 0822. On the return, the bus will leave Judd at 1550 and arrive back to ASDA for 1643.

This service will be run by Autocar, initially as a single deck, and while I know that sometimes will work better for some schools than others, they will review this in both the summer holidays and October half term. 

Thank you to everyone who gave their support. The service will only be a success if it is used so I hope you, and your children, can support it.

Georgie Welford