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KM Column - Speeding - 14 March 2019

Over the past five years, I have visited many businesses in our community. I have been to companies that employ hundreds and small firms that employ only a few. And I have heard how much more we still have to do to help businesses in our community. That’s because business builds our towns and villages, it pays for our homes and hires our friends and family. Business, that simple act of getting together and working together to make and sell something, whether a service, a product or an idea, is what means we can pay our taxes, fund our schools and hospitals and build the communities that we want to see.

But our community isn’t just work. We have a proud tradition of having the best schools in the county and few are better than The Malling School. Last week I visited them to hear from the pupils about what matters to them. They spoke about speeding. In the roads around our community, the speed of traffic has increased and left many in danger from reckless drivers travelling just meters away from schools and putting innocent lives in danger.

 Aaliyah is a pupil at The Malling School who organised the event, but she has done more than that. After some of her fellow students were almost involved in serious accidents Aaliyah is now campaigning for the speed limit to be reduced on Beech Road. She has started a petition, a link to which you can find on my website, and I would encourage you to sign it.

I also visited Valley Invicta at Leybourne Chase to discuss their safety concerns after too many near-misses in the new community that has become home to so many. The roads are narrow and built for pedestrians but the cars are not driving at speeds for such a built up area. I heard from to the headteacher Mrs Craig and some of the kids terrifying stories of speeding and parked cars forcing people to walk around in the road which could have ended badly.


Georgie Welford