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KM Column - Kent Bus Routes Consultation - 7 February 2019

Kent County Council's consultation on buses last year, the ‘Big Conversation’ was a great initiative. They’ve had some good ideas on how to manage specific routes going forward but they will involve some significant changes to the number 58 route which currently runs from Addington, through Trottiscliffe, Wrotham Heath, Ryarsh, Birling, West Malling and East Malling, all the way into Maidstone.

KCC now plan to cut the direct journey, so you will have to change instead. They’ve had two ideas of how to do this, one involving a change at Martin Square, Larkfield and another involving a change at Maidstone Hospital. The first would end the direct link all communities have with the nearest hospital, which could cause problems for many.

That’s why I’d encourage as many of you as possible to have your say, especially if you or your children use the bus at the moment. All the details are available online, including draft timetables at www.kent.gov.uk/westmallingbuspilot. You can also find here the consultation form, with paper copies available at local libraries. The consultation deadline is 19 February, so make sure you don’t leave it too late to respond.

I know just how valuable our bus routes are to all who use them, and what a difference this would make to those who support the 58 bus at the moment. Please do remember to have your say.

Georgie Welford