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KM Column - Apprenticeship Fair - 14 February 2019

It’s vital that we invest in our future and reward effort. And that’s exactly what apprenticeships offer. They take talented students and develop and nurture their skills to make them the best they can be, whilst paying them a decent wage and ensuring that they receive a good qualification and transferable skills. 

But right now we need more people keen to take on this challenge. That is why I was delighted to host an Apprenticeship Fair last week in Maidstone with Tracey Crouch MP, Helen Whately MP and Helen Grant MP, to get more young people interested and excited in apprenticeships. We had over 50 businesses showing what they had to offer to around 900 students, including many from our own community. It was a fantastic event. Nearly everyone I spoke to said how helpful it was, and many came away with a clearer idea of what they wanted to do with their future, whether that was join the army, train with the fire service, become a civil engineer, or work in hospitality. I even heard of someone who had already secured an interview with a potential employer there and then.

Sadly, it’s over for this year, but we’re hoping to do it again next year, with even more businesses, so if you think you might be able to help host a stall, it’s not too early to let me know. In the meantime, it’s important that if you or your child may be interested in apprenticeships, you approach potential companies and businesses and find out exactly what they offer and how to get into it, you’d be amazed how many do across every kind of employment. Apprenticeships are such a great way to enter the world of work, and learn while earning a proper wage, that’s why people are turning to them. If you went to the Apprenticeship Fair this year, and have any suggestions for how to make it better next year, or if there are any companies you would like to see there, please do let me know by emailing tom.tugendhat.mp@parliament.uk.

Georgie Welford