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KM Column - Wateringbury Primary School Library - 20 September 2018

The first journey I ever went on was in a book. Through tales of adventure and humour I visited countries and ideas I couldn't have discovered alone. Books took me to worlds beyond the reach of film and more vivid than games.

That’s why I was so pleased to visit Wateringbury Primary School’s newly refurbished library. With a tree house and a den, it looked magical and ready to take kids away on journeys just as I was a few, or perhaps more, years ago. It was designed by the kids and it was clear they love it.

I saw for myself how they were progressing. Each class was reading or reciting poetry and learning to play with language.so that they could play a full part in our community, understand what others meant and be free to express themselves as they want and be understood.

I know with my own kids that the lure of computers can be strong but the pleasure these pupils got from reading was clear. And I was lucky to be read to myself. Mia, I’m Year 6, took me into a palace where I saw a king and queen discussing knights over breakfast. She was clearly happy to be able to read so well. I was very proud of her and of all at Wateringbury school who had taught her so well. 

The new library is a tribute to the whole school and the governors who worked with the parish and many others including businesses and parents to make the changes I saw. But the real stars of the day were the children. It was a joy to see them doing so well in a wonderful village school with a dedicated head leading devoted staff, I look forward over coming years to see how this library has enriched so many.

Georgie Welford