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KM Column - Back to School - 6 September 2018

I am delighted to say that after six weeks, like many parents, I am delighted that schools have finally started again.  I didn’t used to feel like that, but my perspective has changed!

I’m sure some kids will disagree, but going back to school is a good thing. I know my son is looking forward to seeing friends again, go into the ‘big’ classroom (everything is relative!), and get back into a familiar routine.

But for some the for those starting Secondary School, and travelling a bit further away than the Primary School, it’s often a new chance for independence too. It should be an exciting, and most importantly, confidence building, but of course, for the many who get public transport, we know this often isn’t the case.

As schools return I’ve been continuing my long-running fight to ensure that all children are able to safely get to school on time, and are able to return home promptly after a long day. Recent success in the improvement of the X1 and X2 timetable show that we’re getting somewhere and I’m grateful for all the support I’ve been getting.  But there is more to do, and I’m hoping that after several weeks for bus companies to look again at the success of their operations, I am hoping that improvements have been made elsewhere too.

School is difficult enough without having to worry that you may be late, not because of anything you’ve done, but because the bus is late or drives past you because it’s already too full. And parents have enough on their plate without having to worry about being late to work because they’ve had to drop their child off again.

I know that the beginning of term is busy for everyone, but please keep me updated on how your children’s bus journeys are going. If I don’t know the problem, I can’t try to fix it. 

I wish everyone the best of luck for the new school year ahead.

Georgie Welford