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KM Column - Churchill Fellowship - 9 August 2018

We’ve all heard of Winston Churchill; but did you know you could win a prize in his name? The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust UK gives fellowship opportunities to allow people to travel and explore the world. The Trusts, there are three working together in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, were set up the day after Churchill’s funeral in 1965 to honour his memory, by administering the award of Travelling Fellowships. 

The Churchill Fellowships, open to all UK resident citizens, regardless of qualifications, or background, award 150 travel research grants each year, to support outstanding individuals to learn about the world for the benefit of the UK.

Fellowships are awarded for topics in certain categories, which this year include Artists & Makers, Enterprise, Healthcare, and Rural Living, among many other things including an open category if your interest isn’t already covered. After a successful selection at shortlisting, Fellows are funded to spend 4-8 weeks overseas, researching ideas in a country of their choosing, and then on their return to the UK, Fellows are helped to use their findings to make a difference to policy and practice across the UK.

I know that it may not suit everyone, but it is an amazing opportunity for anyone over 18 who has ever wanted to research something they are passionate about, or who has an idea that could benefit the UK, but has struggled to get some on the ground research to back it up. It is, as they say, a once in a life-time opportunity, and is certainly not to be passed over lightly. 

If this is something that interests you, even a tiny bit, I would encourage you to visit the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust website at www.wcmt.org.uk. Applications close on 18 September 2018, for travel in 2019.

Georgie Welford