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KM Column - 16 August 2018 - Protecting our Environment

One of the best things this government has done is incredibly simple.  Reducing plastic use will begin a change in our community that I hope will see our understanding of plastics change. We have seen the damage done on Blue Planet, and the impact that our love affair with plastic has had over the past 70 years, but the time for us to wake up to the cost is long past.  That’s why we’re acting.  But this isn’t just a job for government.

Reduction is one thing, recycling is another, and that means working together between our government and community. That’s something we could all do better. I have raised this with the Council many times and asked that them to improve plastic recycling. I’m glad they’re doing this next year when the new waste management contract begins in our area. This is a brilliant step forward, and I know will come as great news to many households.

In the meantime, of course, it will mean using the recycling banks as before, but there is some good news here too. As a temporary measure Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council will be employing another vehicle to empty the glass and can banks around the Borough, which should help tackle those that do overflow.

But this look after our planet isn’t just up to others, we have to do more ourselves. I know many of us are doing a lot already; in our own homes, our businesses, and when we go out, but there are some groups around town who are trying to help us do more.

The future of our planet is a big concern for all of us, but if we are all more conscious, we can make a difference.

Georgie Welford