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KM Column - West Malling Doctors Surgery - 21 June 2018

I meet with Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council all the time to talk over the problems and plans they have for our local area. This is useful for both of us to catch up on the issues we are working on.  It means you can be sure those you have hired to represent you are working together to deliver. 

 Of course, top of the agenda most recently was the draft local plan, which will draw out how our local area will change until 2031. Housing growth is obviously an important part of this, but so is local infrastructure plans, including healthcare. 

 As we all know, West Malling surgery needs a new building and it is clear that means a proper surgery on West Malling High Street. I know this is a view shared by the council, as well as those on the Parish Council who have made known their views on the proposed closure. I am glad we agree.

 At the moment all we have from the surgery is a commitment to retain a presence on the High Street next year. This isn’t enough and, with the work on the Local Plan, it seems like the perfect opportunity to secure the future of the GP Surgery for the generations to come. 

 As more homes get built there will be a higher demand on the already stretched services and we need any location to have the infrastructure to cope with the demand.

A new bigger and better doctor’s surgery on West Malling High Street is absolutely vital. Although no plans have been set in stone yet, I look forward to working with Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council, West Malling Parish Council and the West Kent Clinical Commissioning Group in the future to deliver the GP surgery that this town is in such desperate need of. I will of course, keep you updated.

Georgie Welford