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KM Column - Flies in Kings Hill Area - 5 July 2018

Since I’ve represented our community, the number of flies has never been an issue. Potholes, definitely, school places, sure, but flies? Never.  And to be honest, it never crossed my mind that it would be. Now, while you’ll be pleased to know that we don’t have an upcoming election, we do seem to have an increasing number of flies in West Malling, Kings Hill and Offham. Not that you need me to tell you that – the photos that I have seen of full fly traps speak volumes. And while it sounds slightly comical, in reality it is quite distressing for all those households affected, leaving many unable to open windows in this unbearable heat.

While this has happened before, the number of flies that have appeared this year is unprecedented. There is nothing pleasant about flies invading your home, and I’m concerned so many have suddenly appeared.  

As you may know, the origin of this is Blaise Farm, just off the A228. They run a composting site, and during one of the Environment Agency’s regular inspections they noticed that work being carried out on the site had resulted in a number of house flies emerging, where the waste activities take place.

Of course, the Environment Agency and operator of the site are trying their best to get this problem under control as soon as possible, and I've spoken to them and asked them for regular updates. They have now said that they are working with the site operator to ensure that they comply with their environmental permit, and have encouraged people to call 0800 80 70 60 if they continue to experience problems.

Should this carry on I would please do let me know so I can look for more options to address the problem.

Georgie Welford