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KM Column - Arriva Bus Changes - 12 July 2018

I have fought long and hard to get a better bus service for residents of Tonbridge and Malling. Since I first became your Member of Parliament my inbox has been full of people telling me just how bad their, or their child’s, bus journey has been.

One of the problems that I hear about most is the poor timetable offered by bus services. They’re often late. And even when they are on time it’s normally not convenient, such as two hours after or before a child needs to be at school or an adult need to be at work. For many this is the only way they can get around so it is vital it works. Of course, a lot of these issues aren’t going to be resolved overnight and bus companies often need people to tell them they don’t work.

That said, I have raised this whenever I can with bus companies. You may remember a few weeks ago that, Nu-Venture introduced some alternative services in West Malling and Kings Hill, to ensure that students travelling to schools in the west of Maidstone got there on time.

Now, Arriva have also made some changes to their service which I hope will equally make a difference. The number 7 will increase on a Sunday to every 30 minutes; the 77 has put on additional buses leaving West Malling at 1710hrs towards Tonbridge. This seems like good news, so please let me know if you use these services and they are making a difference, if not I will ask Arriva to look again.

These may only be small steps and I appreciate they won’t affect everyone, but it’s yet another step in the right direction to making sure that buses work for everyone.


Georgie Welford