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KM Column - 7 June 2018 - Business Spaces in Kings Hill

We all know that Kings Hill is a fantastic place, not just to live, but to work too. It is already home to a huge number of companies, both larger national businesses, and smaller independent ones too, and by the way it’s looking, Kings Hill is only going to continue increasing in popularity as a brilliant place to work for businesses all over the South East.

Since you sent me to Parliament, I’ve visited quite a few of the companies based on Kings Hill, though it’s only a start, and it’s fascinating to see the huge variety of things people do. From food testing, to gathering information to speed and ease house buying, many companies are deciding to base themselves in Kings Hill. In fact, only last week it was announced that Bovis, one of the UKs largest housebuilders, is planning to move onto Kings Hill with around 120 staff – that’s a great addition to our area and a credit to all our community have done to make our town a great place to work.

But as I said, Kings Hill isn’t just home to large national businesses, and last week I was pleased to open the Churchill Square Business Centre, the latest Capital Space venture. The building, number 80, houses 30 new offices for companies with up to ten people, and with demand so strong, it’s no surprise that these offices have already been filled. Like many of the other companies, I am grateful to Capital Space for choosing to invest here and providing more companies with opportunities to make use of the wonderful benefits that Kings Hill offers.

Georgie Welford