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KM Column - 24 May 2018 - Southeastern Timetable Update

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned in my column that I would be meeting with David Statham, Managing Director of Southeastern, to raise with him some of the extremely concerning changes to the timetable.

Last week I did just that, and met with David and his team, including the Head of Timetable Planning, to discuss the new timetable changes and the impact that it is going to have on commuters who rely on the rail service every day.

Now the timetable is in its first week, and we are starting to get a better idea of which services work, and which services need serious revision. As this is such a big change, I have been assured by Southeastern that monitoring will take place from the very first day to make sure we find out if problems arise, so I’m hoping any problems in the first few days will quickly be ironed out.

David has promised to update me on his assessment three weeks into the new timetable. We can look at making some small changes then, while I’ve also asked for greater transparency on longer term timetable changes.

However, I’d like to hear your thoughts too. Please let me know of your experiences so that we can ensure Southeastern works better for us. They already know that locally we feel the changes do not enhance the service. I’d like to know the specific services which have changed that are now causing problems. I can be contacted directly on tom.tugendhat.mp@parliament.uk.

With 5 different lines and 13 different stations in the area I represent it’s impossible to be on every train, so please let me know how the next couple of weeks work for you.

Georgie Welford