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KM Column - 19 April 2018 - Housing

I know that many people have recently been experiencing problems trying to get through to Clarion Housing Group to report repairs or even pay rent.

Since putting a post on my Facebook page asking for people to contact me if they are having difficulty, Clarion Housing Group have been in touch to explain that they are having teething trouble with a new system they hope will make their work more efficient. Although they said it only affected a small number of residents, they did say that similar work will be happening in the Kings Hill office at the beginning of next year and have assured me that they will give me advanced warning. I will of course, let you know once I know when this will be.

We all know computer systems aren't always brilliant from day one but I’m more concerned to hear that a number of repairs, both urgent and long-standing, haven't been carried out in homes across the our area. In some cases, this has meant a serious concern for the health of residents, and simply should not be allowed to happen. We all need to feel safe at home, that means fixing problems as soon as possible.

My office will soon be meeting Clarion to discuss many of these issues. If you're having any problems with repairs, whether they’re urgent or things that have been dragging on for months or even years, please let me know and I will make sure they're brought up so that I can push for action to be taken.


Georgie Welford