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KM Column - 17 May 2018 - West Malling War Memorial

During the First and Second World Wars, West Malling lost just under 80 men in battle: a huge number for a small town in Kent. In their memory, in 1921, a memorial was created in the churchyard of St Mary-the-Virgin, an important symbol for residents and visitors alike, of the struggles their ancestors and our country endured.

Of course, the memorial will soon be celebrating its centenary, and sadly, like many things that age, the wear and tear is showing. I’m sure many of you will already know that the Reverend David Green, the vicar of St Mary-the-Virgin, and West Malling Parish Council, are doing their best to repair this iconic sculpture. Aptly, they hope to repair the memorial in time to mark the centenary of the Great War later this year. But do to that, they need your help. The cost of the work is almost £9,000, and while many local parishioners and residents have done a fantastic job of raising almost £2,000, there is still a lot of money outstanding. The memorial was originally funded by the residents of West Malling, and it would be nice to think that it could be supported again by the kind will and generosity of the town.

We all know that West Malling is a fantastic, close-knit community with many living in the town and surrounding villages for generations. A lot has changed over the centuries but some events stand out in West Malling’s history, and some residents who helped shaped it deserve a special memorial. That’s why I want the memorial to be seen by future generations, so that they too can remember all those who gave their lives for the protection of the world that they live in today. If you would like to donate, please visit http://bit.ly/WMWarMem.

Georgie Welford