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KM Column - New Year Highlights - 27 December 2018

 Picking the year’s highlights is very hard. I have been lucky enough to work with so many incredible, hard-working, and dedicated people who have achieved so many things, it is hard to pick one. Many of the battles have been mountainous up-hill climbs, challenges for individuals or groups across our community, but we have achieved them together by working as a community.

Take the West Malling GP Surgery for example, which was threatened with closure and now has a new lease of life, or the quiet lanes we have had designated and the extra trees we’re going to see planted on the M20, or the work so many have done as a village to save Ryarsh Quarry. The end results were huge achievements and will help thousands of people who live nearby, but they certainly wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the Parish Councils, and all of you.

My favourite moments have been those when I’ve been working with those who build our community. After all, that's why I wanted to get involved in politics and run for Parliament and serve our community as your MP. That’s why I like looking back every year and reflecting on what we have achieved together. But this is also time to start thinking about all that we have to do next year. Together, we need to be more ambitious. I look forward to continuing to work hard for you and our whole community on the things that matter to all of us. If something matters to you, something that would make your community better and you think I may be able to help, please do let me know. Let's work together to make it happen.

But before we start, I hope you have a restful break and a wonderful New Year, and I’ll speak to you again in 2019.


Georgie Welford