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KM Column - Kings Hill Bus Consultation - 15 November 2018

As Kings Hill continues to grow, and the quality of teaching in Tonbridge continues to reach incredibly high levels, so too does the demand for school buses to take kids between the two.

For pupils currently living in Kings Hill and going to school in Tonbridge, this can only be done by catching either the 77 and 148 buses straight into Tonbridge. But, as many students know, these two buses simply aren’t enough to cope with all those who want to travel in these directions.

As some of you may already be aware, kids who go to school in Maidstone have four direct buses to take them to their respecting schools. We need something like this in Tonbridge.

That is why I have recently started a survey for all those who live in Kings Hill or surrounding villages, and have children who go to school in Tonbridge, who might be interested in getting a direct bus service to speed the journey up.

I have already approached the schools to discuss this, and I have their full support on this idea, which should make bus journey’s quicker, safer, and more direct.

But before we can put these buses on, we need to know whether people are actually going to use them. I want to see what the demand is like first, and then hope to work with the schools, operators, and the excellent parents group to see whether this can become a reality.

If you have a child who would use the service, please visit https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/KingsHillSchoolBus, and please share it with any other parent who might be interested. The more demand we have for the service, the better.

Georgie Welford