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KM Column - Improved Waste and Recycling Service - 1 November 2018

The seas around our world now hold tons of plastic. Over the years, countries have dumped waste into the oceans and the effects are now very serious.  That’s why I am delighted that more than ever, we will be doing our bit. Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council have officially announced their new eight-year contract for a new recycling and waste collection and street cleansing service. 

The service will include a weekly food waste collection; a fortnightly collection of waste which can’t be recycled; an alternate fortnightly collection of mixed dry recyclables (plastics, cans, cartons and glass) in a wheeled bin with a separate container for paper and card; and a separate fortnightly collection of garden waste, although this will have a small ‘opt-in’ charge. This opt-in charge is different from previous years but will mean that the many people who live in flats, or don’t have a garden, won’t be paying for a service that they can’t use. It’s a fairer way of making sure our waste is handled properly. But the most important element is the recycling, something we all need to use. 

From 1 March Tonbridge and Malling will get an improved waste and recycling service, including kerbside recycling and a street cleansing service – an important step forward to making Tonbridge and Malling a cleaner and greener place to live.

I know that TMBC will keep residents fully informed with the upcoming changes, and there will be further announcements about it in the coming months, but if you have any questions about this, please write local Borough Councillor who will be able to help.

Georgie Welford